Ootpataang is an art-craft-design studio based in New Delhi, India. It was conceived by Sakshi Gambhir in 2012 on one of her regular craft documentation trips to the villages of India. Inspired by the intricacy of traditional art and craft, Sakshi set out on a journey to collaborate with these rural craftsmen, in the process also generating employment for them. The local hindi word ‘ootpataang’ literally translates to unusual or less ordinary. The label has textiles, bags, fashion accessories, stationery and home decor products under its umbrella. Each of these is unique, hand-crafted with love and has a story to tell.

Sakshi Gambhir is a communication designer, potter, travelling photographer, illustrator, blogger and most importantly, a dreamer. She is extremely random and enjoys that streak of diversity in her work as well. Her love for Indian arts and crafts is evident in her visual language. Her products, mostly a fusion of global and desi (Indian), reflect her obsession of color, finesse, freshness and perfection. She is currently based in Ottawa, Canada.

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